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K. Matyas, F. Hagmair, W. Sihn:
"Value Stream Mapping for the Optimization of Maintenance Processes";
Vortrag: 43rd CIRP International Conference on Manufacturing Systems, Wien; 26.05.2010 - 28.05.2010; in: "Sustainable Production and Logistics in Global Networks", W. Sihn, P. Kuhlang (Hrg.); Neuer Wissenschaftlicher Verlag GmbH Nfg KG, (2010), ISBN: 978-3-7083-0686-5; S. 523 - 531.

Kurzfassung englisch:
In this paper, two new developed methods are combined
for the optimization of maintenance processes. The first
method is the development of a standard for the sequence
of process steps in the implementation of various
maintenance tasks.
Due to standardization, key indicators can be collected,
which can be applied to individual process steps in order
to make comparisons with other maintenance areas. With
this logical design, key figures can be generated very
simple. Areas of improvement are getting visible and the
process standard is a good basis for new employees.
The method Value Stream Mapping was adapted for
analysis and optimization of maintenance processes.
Shorter lead times and more effective maintenance processes
are the result. The advantage of the tool (one page
mapping) is, to see the whole value stream of maintenance.
Decisions can be based on facts with the focus on
the customer that is the production shop floor.

Maintenance, Standardisation of processes, Value stream

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