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D. Adam, I. Paulmichl:
"Rapid Impact Compaction for Middle Deep Improvement of the Ground - Numerical and Experimental Investigations";
in: "Proceedings of the XIVth Danube-European Conference on Geotechnical Engineering", herausgegeben von: TU Bratislava; Eigenverlag, Bratislava, 2010, (eingeladen), S. 267.

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This paper presents results of numerical and experimental studies concerning the effect and efficiency of the Rapid Impact Compactor (RIC). The RIC is a dynamic compaction device for middle-deep ground improvement based on the piling hammer technology used to increase the bearing capacity of soils through controlled impacts. Theoretical investigations comprise numerical computer simulations of the impulse-type compaction effect, the energy transfer into the soil and the wave propagation. Experimental tests on different soil conditions provide the verification of theoretical analyses and the basis for the optimized and economic application of the compaction method in practice. Case studies of different construction projects demonstrate the successful application the RIC for middle-deep improvement and compaction of the ground.

Rapid impact compaction; middle deep improvement of ground; numerical and experimental investigation

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