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H. Truong, T. Fahringer, P. Brunner, R. Samborski, V. Nae:
"DIPAS: Performance Analysis and Visualization Support for Grid Workflows";
Talk: K-WfGrid - The Knowledge-based Workflow System for Grid Applications, Cracow 2006 - Grid Workshop, Cracow, Poland; 2006-10-15 - 2006-10-18; in: "Proceedings of K-WfGrid - The Knowledge-based Workflow System for Grid Applications, Cracow 2006 - Grid Workshop", M. Bubak, S. Unger (ed.); Academic Computer Centre CYFRONET AGH, (2007), ISBN: 978-83-915141-8-4; 48 - 59.

English abstract:
The performance analysis services in the K-WfGrid project aim at providing
online information about the performance of Grid workflows as
well as Grid resources involved in the workflow execution. Such performance
information provides not only to the user insights into the execution
of workflows but also to the K-WfGrid middleware services, e.g.,
workflow execution and scheduler, knowledge about the performance
for semi-automatically constructing and executing workflows. In this
paper, we summarize the development of DIPAS, a novel integrated
system which supports online performance monitoring and analysis of
service-based workflows. DIPAS provides a Web portal for the user
and offers open interfaces for workflow middleware service to conduct
performance monitoring and analysis of Grid workflows, thus substantially
simplifying the way the user and the middleware service interact
with the workflow performance tool. DIPAS introduces several novelties
by supporting performance monitoring, analysis, and search for
performance problems of advanced workflows composed fromWeb/Grid
services at multiple levels of abstraction and by unifying the analysis
of Grid workflows and infrastructure into a single system.

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