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D. Collado-Ruiz, H. Ostad Ahmad Ghorabi:
"Influence of environmental information on creativity";
Design Studies, 31 (2010), 5; 479 - 498.

English abstract:
The positive effect of having environmental information is generally taken for granted in design for sustainability and ecodesign. Research in the fi eld of creativity, however, has shown that the exposure to examples can provoke fi xation and reduce the overall creativity of the idea-generation process.
Different sorts and levels of information - commonly available for designers - was delivered to 56 people, all of whom were asked to generate different design ideas. Results prove that having detailed information - be it of previous
models or of competing products - signi cantly reduces the creativity
of the design ideas. Soft information, on the other hand, does not present this effect. Successful tools in the future must deliver relevant information avoiding this fixation effect.

Creativity, environmental impact, product development, ecodesign

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