K. Varga, F. Hameed, M. Zawisky, C. Schuster:
"Distribution Of Water In Filling Fibres Visualised By Neutron Radiography";
Lenzinger Berichte, 87 (2009), S. 124 - 134.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Neutron imaging (neutron radiography)
provides a method to visualise the
moisture distribution in textiles, due to
sensitivity of neutrons for hydrogen.
The method was used to investigate the
moisture distribution in filling fibres
under practically relevant conditions in
duvet. Real time neutron radiography
made it possible to follow the dynamics
of the moisture transport without
disturbing the ensemble during
measurement. The distribution of water
was rather even over the lyocell fleece,
with somewhat higher moisture content
on a bottom side (simulating skin face).
In polyester filling, water was localised
in two distinct zones, near the "skin
face" of the duvet model, and near the
upper surface exposed to the
environment. Comparing the mass
increase of fleeces with known moisture
sorption data, it was concluded that in
lyocell fillings, most of the water was
absorbed by the fibres, whereas in
polyester fillings, condensation on fibre
surface took place.

lyocell, sorption, neutron radiography, imaging, non-destructive testing, visualisation

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