Publications in Scientific Journals:

P. Jiricek, I. Bartos, J. Zemek, W.S.M. Werner:
"Reflection electron energy loss spectroscopy of aluminum";
Surface Science, 604 (2010), 1006 - 1009.

English abstract:
Re!ection electron energy loss spectra (REELS) of Al(111) single crystal and of the aluminum polycrystalline
(poly Al) "lm were measured at 200 eV and 1000 eV electron energies for a variety of experimental geometries
and were mutually compared. No anisotropy was found for the poly Al, as expected. Polar intensity plots
evaluated from the elastic (no loss) and inelastic "rst surface plasmon- and "rst bulk plasmon-loss intensities
of the Al(111) surface show clearly discernable peaks for both considered electron energies. Their positions on
the angular axis are the same for the elastic as well as for the inelastic, surface and bulk plasmon-loss peaks. The
polar plots of intensities of the elastically and inelastically re!ected electrons were compared to calculated
intensities of photoelectrons emitted from the Al 2s core level to the same kinetic energy. Peak positions in the
theoretically determined polar plots of electron intensities agree with those obtained experimentally in REELS.

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