A. Bolbou, H. Bauer, M. Ochsenkühn-Petropoulou, H. Puxbaum:
"Contribution of carbonaceous and ionic components of PM2.5 aeosols in the urban area of Athens";
Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, 19 (2010), 8; S. 1404 - 1413.

Kurzfassung englisch:
This study aims to investigate the different carbonaceous
components as well as the major ionic compounds
in PM2.5 aerosols and their correlation in the urban area of
Athens. Sampling was carried out during a two-months
period in wintertime at two urban sites, with the use of a
Gent Stacked filter unit collecting coarse (PM10-2.5) and
fine (PM2.5) fractions of particulate matter. Further analysis
was focused on the fine fraction due to its potential
harmful impact on human health. The chemical composition
of ambient aerosols was investigated by different analytical
methods. Concentrations of Total Carbon (TC), Elemental
or Black Carbon (EC or BC) and Organic Carbon
(OC), as well as concentrations of 8 major water-soluble
ions (Na+, NH4
+, K+, Mg2+, Ca2+, Cl- , NO3
- , SO4
2-) were
measured in a total of 39 samples.
Ions contributed approximately 36% to the total PM2.5
mass concentration. Among ions, NH4
+, NO3
-, and SO4
were found in higher concentrations. Carbonaceous material
(CM) accounted for 48-54% of PM2.5 at the monitoring
sites. Speciation of carbon content into EC and OC was
carried out with a thermal and a thermal-optical method,
and an assessment of possible emission sources was performed
using a statistical evaluation.

PM2.5 aerosols; carbonaceous species; organic, elemental, inorganic and total carbon; ion chromatography; urban area

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