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D. Kohlböck:
"Investigation of rock chisel usage in pile construction";
Vortrag: 10th International Conference on Modern Building Materials, Structures and Techniques, Vilnius; 19.05.2010 - 21.05.2010; in: "Modern Building Materials, Structures and Techniques", (2010), ISBN: 978-9955-28-592-2; 6 S.

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The installation of large diameter pile foundations by hammer grab and chisel is a long-standing method of construction. The use of chisel devices is to break rock or other subsurface obstacles by means of percussive impact. However, frictional and inertial forces within the system and especially free-fall through water can result in an energy loss of 60 % and more, thus, considerably prolonging the construction process. In this paper comprehensive investigation of chisel usage is presented, like analytical solutions for chisel motion and computational fluid dynamics calculations, which allow for comparison and optimization in chisel design. Small-scale tests in the laboratory and fullscale tests on construction sites represent the practical investigation of this work. Recommendations for the application of the chisel devices can be given, under conditions representative of those encountered in engineering practice.

bored piles, percussion boring, hammer grab, chisel, CFD-calculations, drag coefficient, photogrammetry

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