Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry):

M. Csisinko, H. Kaufmann:
"VITAL - The Virtual Environment Interaction Technique Abstraction Layer";
Talk: IEEE Virtual Reality 2010, Boston, USA; 2010-03-20 - 2010-03-24; in: "Proceedings of the IEEE Virtual Reality 2010 Workshop: Software Engineering and Architectures for Realtime Interactive Systems", Shaker Verlag, (2010), ISBN: 978-3-8322-8989-8; 77 - 86.

English abstract:
Traditionally 3D interaction techniques (3DITs) are implemented in
VR applications in a proprietary way on specific target platforms.
Mixing 3DIT specific code with application code neither allows for
reusability in other applications nor for exchanging 3DITs in a comfortable
and flexible way. We propose an additional system software
layer called Virtual Environment Interaction Technique Abstraction
Layer (VITAL) targeted on platform and application independent
(portable) 3DIT implementation. We describe the underlying
concepts and provide details on how to integrate VITAL in VR
frameworks. Furthermore, development mechanisms targeted on
portability and general-purpose interfacing techniques with other
system components are outlined and demonstrated in examples.

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