F. Gömöry, M. Vojenciak, E. Pardo, M. Solovyov, J. Souc:
"AC losses in coated conductors";
Superconductor Science and Technology, 23 (2010), S. 034012 - 034020.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Future use of coated conductors in electric power applications like transmission cables,
transformers or fault current limiters is sensitive to the amount of dissipation in the AC regime.
This paper analyses factors controlling AC loss of coated conductors in typical configurations:
the self-field case when transport current generates the magnetic field, and the case of AC
applied field where the orientation of magnetic field with respect to the superconducting layer
plays a significant role.
We illustrate that a high-quality CC tape with non-magnetic substrate follows rather well
the models developed for a thin strip. However, to meet an excellent agreement between
experiment and theoretical prediction a detailed knowledge of the superconductor properties is
necessary and a numerical method must be involved.
In the case of a superconducting layer deposited on a ferromagnetic substrate theoretical
predictions give only basic directions and one must rely on numerical simulations entirely. We
demonstrate that, with the help of a dedicated analysis of experimental data, very good AC loss
prediction is also possible for superconductor-ferromagnetic composites. Novel designs of
coated conductor architectures can be developed in this way.
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