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G. Barany, A. Jordan, V. Pavlu, A. Krall:
"Optimal and Heuristic Code Generation for Explicitly Parallel Processors";
Poster: ACACES 2010, Terrassa (Barcelona), Spanien; 2010-07-11 - 2010-07-17; in: "ACACES 2010 Poster Abstracts", HiPEAC, (2010), ISBN: 9789038216317; 87 - 88.

English abstract:
We describe our ongoing research within the EPICOpt project aimed at optimal and near-optimal code generation for explicitly parallel processors. On the one hand, this includes the application of techniques from the operations research domain to decrease the solver time for integer linear programming formulations of code generation problems. On the other hand, we want to investigate when and why established heuristics fail, and to develop efficient approximation algorithms and near-optimal techniques that remain computationally feasible even for large problems. To aid our investigation of the performance of various approaches to code generation, we are also
investigating novel ways of efficient processor simulation using just-in-time compilation techniques.

code generation, integer linear programming, simulation, just-in-time compilation

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Project Head Andreas Krall:
Optimale Code Erzeugung für explizit parallele Prozessoren

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