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K. Orehounig, A. Mahdavi:
"Performance evaluation of traditional bath buildings via empirically tested simulation tools";
Journal of Building Performance Simulation, 1 (2010), 12; 2 - 13.

English abstract:
In a recent research effort, we studied the performance of a certain class of traditional buildings in Egypt, Turkey,
Morocco, Syria, and Algeria, namely public baths (`hammams´). Over a period of 1 year, indoor and outdoor
climate data as well as visual and acoustical performance information was collected for a selected number of these
buildings. To further explore indoor environmental conditions, the monitored data were used to calibrate digital
performance simulation models of a number of the objects studied. Specifically, thermal performance simulation
models were generated for three hammams in Egypt, Turkey, and Algeria. Likewise, acoustical performance
simulation models were generated for three baths in Algeria. These calibrated thermal and acoustical simulation
models were shown to reliably reproduce measurements. Thus, they could be parametrically applied to evaluate
alternative options for the renovation, restoration, reuse, and adaptation of these buildings.

traditional buildings; simulation models; parametric studies; thermal performance; acoustics

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