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A. Tjoa, A. Anjomshoaa, A. Hubmer:
"Combining and Integrating Advanced IT-Concepts with Semantic Web Technology Mashups Architecture Cas Study";
Talk: ACIIDS 2010, Intelligent Information and Database Systems, Hue City, Vietnam; 2010-03-24 - 2010-03-27; in: "Proc. of the Asian Conference on Intelligent Information and Database Systems", Springer, LNAI 5990 (2010), ISBN: 978-3-642-12144-9; 13 - 22.

English abstract:
Even though Semantic Web technologies have flourished consistently
in the past few years, it is unlikely to achieve the Semantic Web goals on
the global Web in near future. The initial expectations such as turning the
World Wide Web to a machine-comprehendible medium are far away from realization.
The best proof of this is a look at the current status of World Wide
Web and small percentage of websites and services that are Semanticallyenabled.
The main reason for this situation is that so far it is not easy to get
people to learn and apply Semantic Web concepts for their Web content and use
them efficiently in their daily life. In this context advanced IT concepts such as
Mashups can support Semantic Web goals and at the same time Semantic Web
technologies can also improve computer-to-computer and human-to-computer
interactions in enterprise systems. In this paper the two-way support of advanced
IT and Semantic Web is explored and a novel approach for advancing
the power of web forms is presented.

Semantic Web, Mashups, Web 2.0, Software Architecture.

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