H. Abele, T. Jenke, H. Leeb, H.-J. Schmiedmayer:
"Ramsey´s method of separated oscillating fields and its application to gravitationally induced quantum phase shifts";
Physical Review D, 81 (2010), 065019; S. 1 - 8.

Kurzfassung englisch:
We propose to apply Ramsey´s method of separated oscillating fields to the spectroscopy of the
quantum states in the gravity potential above a horizontal mirror. This method allows a precise
measurement of quantum mechanical phaseshifts of a Schro¨dinger wave packet bouncing off a hard
surface in the gravitational field of the Earth. Measurements with ultracold neutrons will offer a sensitivity
to Newton´s law or hypothetical short-ranged interactions, which is about 21 orders of magnitude below
the energy scale of electromagnetism.

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