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S. Smolek, C. Streli, N. Zoeger, P. Wobrauschek:
"Improved micro x-ray fluorescence spectrometer for light element analysis";
Review of Scientific Instruments, 81 (2010), 053707; 1 - 6.

English abstract:
Since most available micro x-ray fluorescence (micro-XRF) spectrometers operate in air, which
does not allow the analysis of low-Z elements (Z≤14, a special micro-XRF spectrometer has been
designed to extend the analytical range down to light elements (Z ≥6). It offers improved excitation
and detection conditions necessary for light element analysis. To eliminate absorption of the exciting
and fluorescent radiation, the system operates under vacuum condition. Sample mapping is
automated and controlled by specialized computer software developed for this spectrometer. Several
different samples were measured to test and characterize the spectrometer. The spot size has been
determined by scans across a 10 μm Cu wire which resulted in a full width at half maximum of
31 μm for Mo Kα line (17.44 keV) and 44 μm effective beam size for the Cu K edge and 71 μm
effective beam size for the Cu L edge. Lower limits of detection in the picogram range for each spot
(or μg/cm2) were obtained by measuring various thin metal foils under different conditions.
Furthermore, detection limits in the parts per million range were found measuring NIST621
standard reference material. Area scans of a microscopic laser print and NaF droplet were performed
to show mapping capabilities.

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