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U. Zdun, M. Strembeck:
"Reusable Architectural Decisions for DSL Design";
Talk: 14th Annual European Conference on Pattern Languages of Programming (EuroPLoP 2009), Irsee, Germany; 2009-07-08 - 2009-07-12; in: "Proceedings of the 14th Annual European Conference on Pattern Languages of Programming (EuroPLoP 2009)", A. Kelly, M. Weiss (ed.); CEUR Workshop Proceedings, Vol-566 (2010), ISSN: 1613-0073; Paper ID B6, 37 pages.

English abstract:
Domain-specific languages (DSL) receive a constantly growing attention in the area of software
development. However, so far the documentation of reusable architectural knowledge for DSL design
is rather limited. In this paper, we systematically explore the DSL design space by combining
reusable architectural decision modeling and software patterns. In particular, we have explored
three reusable architectural decisions in this design space: the decision for the type of DSL development
process, the decision for the concrete syntax style, and the decision for developing an
external vs. an embedded DSL. These decisions are foundational for each DSL project. Each of
these decisions has a number of (candidate) patterns for DSL design. These (candidate) patterns
define alternative solutions in the shared context and problem space of the respective reusable
architectural decision.

Related Projects:
Project Head Schahram Dustdar:
Compliance-driven Models, Languages, and Architectures for Services

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