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R. Mordinyi, T Moser, M. Murth, E. Kühn, S. Biffl:
"RDF Containers - A Framework for the Integration of Distributed and Heterogeneous Applications";
Talk: 3rd International Workshop on Ambient Data Integration, Kreta; 2010-10-16 - 2010-10-21; in: "Proc. 3rd International Workshop on Ambient Data Integration", (2010), 90 - 99.

English abstract:
Current trends like globalization and virtual enterprises result in an increasing need for on-the-fly integration of distributed applications grown over the past decades and originally not intended for integration and cooperation. In order to enable the collaboration of such applications, aspects of distribution, such as heterogeneous data sources, heterogeneous network technologies and coordination requirements, have to be addressed in the integration process. In this position paper, we introduce a framework, the so-called RDF Containers, for technical and semantic integration of distributed and heterogeneous data sources considering integration requirements. We discuss the benefits and limitations of the proposed framework based on a real-world use case from the e-health domain. The major benefit is that both semantic and technical integration are supported by a single framework, while complexity aspects related to the integration process do not affect the integrated applications.

emantic integration, space-based computing

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