J. Springer, M. Zawisky, R. Farthofer, H. Lemmel, M. Suda, U. Kuetgens:
"A large-areaneutron-interferometeroptimizedforcoherent beam deflection:Applications";
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, 615 (2010), S. 307 - 312.

Kurzfassung englisch:
A large perfect crystal interferometer with two interference loops offers novel applications in neutron
interferometry. Coherent beam manipulation with special prism and phase shifter arrangements is
discussed and prism materials that are able to preserve beam coherence in case of thicker prisms are
investigated. A set of four identical prisms has been used to determine the vertical coherence function
in an experiment performed at instrument ILL-S18. Several proposals for new experiments are outlined
for(a)squeezing in momentum space,(b) precise measurement of gravitational induced phase shifts,
and finally,(c)the simulation of a split crystal interferometer.

Neutron interferometry, Perfect crystalinterferometer, Large-area interferometer, Two-loop, Beam deflection, Higher orderreflections, Short wavelengths, Prisms, Vertical coherence, Homogeneous materials, Momentum squeezing, Split crystalinterferometer, Gr

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