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C. Angerer, R. Langwieser, M. Rupp:
"Direction of Arrival Estimation by Phased Arrays in RFID";
Talk: The Third International EURASIP Workshop on RFID Technology (RFID 2010), La Manga del Mar Menor, Cartagena, Spain; 09-06-2010 - 09-07-2010; in: "Third International EURASIP Workshop on RFID Technology", (2010), ISBN: 978-84-96997-47-9; 57 - 61.

English abstract:
In this paper we propose a direction of arrival estimation
for a dual receive antenna RFID reader. In a strong line of
sight environment, the phase shift on the elements of a receive array
of the tag signal is utilised to estimate the direction of arrival
of the tag. In RFID however, receive signals are impaired by a
strong carrier leakage. The receive signal composition at each individual
receive antenna is modeled, and based on that model, the
phase shift determination is presented. The proposed receiver is
implemented on an FPGA of an RFID rapid prototyping environment.
Details about its implementation are given, and it is shown
in an experimental evaluation by measurement, that the root of
the averaged squared error over several position of the direction
of arrival estimation is 3.3◦with two antennas.

localization, direction of arrival, RFID, reader, digital receiver, beamforming, phased arrays, multiple antenna, mimo

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