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I. Brandic, D. Music, S. Dustdar:
"Service Mediation and Negotiation Bootstrapping as First Achievements Towards Self-adaptable Cloud Services";
in: "Grids and Service-Oriented Architectures for Service Level Agreements", P. Wieder, R. Yahyapour, W. Ziegler (ed.); Springer, 2010, (invited), ISBN: 978-1-4419-7319-1, 119 - 132.

English abstract:
Nowadays, novel computing paradigms as for example Cloud Computing are
gaining more and more on importance. In case of Cloud Computing users pay
for the usage of the computing power provided as a service. Beforehand they
can negotiate specific functional and non-functional requirements relevant for the
application execution. However, providing computing power as a service bears
different research challenges. On one hand dynamic, versatile, and adaptable
services are required, which can cope with system failures and environmental
changes. On the other hand, human interaction with the system should be minimized.
In this chapter we present the first results in establishing adaptable,
versatile, and dynamic services considering negotiation bootstrapping and service
mediation achieved in context of the Foundations of Self-Governing ICT Infrastructures
(FoSII) project. We discuss novel meta-negotiation and SLA mapping
solutions for Cloud services bridging the gap between current QoS models and
Cloud middleware and representing important prerequisites for the establishment
of autonomic Cloud services.

Autonomic SLA Management, Meta-Negotiations, SLA Mapping, Negotiation Frameworks, Cloud Computing

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Project Head Ivona Brandic:
Foundations of Self-governing ICT Infrastructures

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