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J. Oetsch, J. Puehrer, H. Tompits:
"Let's Break the Rules: Interactive Procedural-Style Debugging of Answer-Set Programs";
Talk: 24th Workshop on (Constraint) Logic Programming (WLP 2010), Kairo; 2010-09-14 - 2010-09-16; in: "24th Workshop on (Constraint) Logic Programming WLP'2010", S. Abdennadher (ed.); Technical Report, Faculty of Media Engineering and Technology, German University in Cairo, Cairo, Egypt (2010), 77 - 87.

English abstract:
We introduce an interactive procedural-style debugging approach for answer-set programs that avoids the negative aspects of non-declarative debugging of ASP. It is based on an intuitive computation model that allows a user to follow his or her intuition by stepwise determining which applicable rules are considered to be supporting rules. Moreover, we define the notion of a breakpoint for answer-set programs that allows to start stepwise debugging of a program P from an answer set of a subprogram of P.

Answer Set Programming, debugging, stable model semantics, procedural,

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Project Head Hans Tompits:
Softwareentwicklung in der Answer-Set Programmierung

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