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K. Orehounig, M. Schuss, C. Pröglhöf, A. Mahdavi:
"About Uncertainties in Simulation Models for Building Systems Control";
Talk: BauSim2010 - Building Performance Simulation in a Changing Environment, Technische Universität Wien; 2010-09-22 - 2010-09-24; in: "BauSim 2010 - Building Performance Simulation in a Changing Environment", A. Mahdavi, B. Martens (ed.); Verlag / Organisation / Universität mit wissenschaftlichem Lektorat, Wien (2010), ISBN: 978-3-85437-317-9; 281 - 286.

English abstract:
This paper presents the process and the results of a
calibration effort of a thermal simulation model of an
existing office building in Vienna, Austria. The
model is an integral component of the building´s
innovative model-based control logic for the
operation of windows and shades. To achieve the
desirable level of accuracy, sources of uncertainty in
the simulation model are identified and treated. In the
present contribution, we focus on two sources of
uncertainty namely the prediction capability of a
calibrated simulation model, and errors in weather

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