G. Khatibi, Michael Lederer, B. Weiss, T. Licht, J. Bernardi, H. Danninger:
"Accelerated mechanical fatigue testing and lifetime of interconnects in microelectronics";
ScienceDirect, 2 (2010), 1; S. 511 - 519.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Due to the rapid development of packaging industry accelerated reliability testing for evaluation of lifetime of electronic components are increasingly utilized. In addition to common active thermal cycling procedures, accelerated mechanical fatigue testing provides a new possibility to assess the reliability of microelectronic components, mainly due to the significantly shorter duration of testing time. In this investigation we have used an ultrasonic fatigue testing system in combination with a special experimental set-up for qualification and lifetime determination of microelectronic interconnects. Using this technique, fatigue life of Al wire bonded interconnects were determined and S-N curves (shear stress as a function of loading cycles) up to N=109 were plotted. Three dimensional elasto-plastic FEM simulations were performed to determine the distributions of shear stress and plastic strain generated during cyclic fatigue in the bond area. Furthermore, the FEM model was employed to predict the lifetime of wire-bonds. The results were correlated to the lifetime curves of similar bonds obtained by power cycling tests. Detailed microstructural investigations were performed by means of EBSD -SEM to study the evolution of microstructure of the interconnects subjected to thermal and mechanical fatigue loading. This study demonstrates the applicability of accelerated mechanical fatigue testing as an alternative to time consuming thermal cycling for qualification of microelectronic interconnects.

Accelerated testing; Mechanical shear fatigue; Lifetime modeling; Interconnects; EBSD

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