A. Sternig, M. Müller, M. McCallum, J. Bernardi, O. Diwald:
"BaO clusters on MgO nanocubes: A quantitative analysis of optical-powder properties";
Small, 6 (2010), 4; S. 582 - 588.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Uniformly sized and shaped nanoparticles are well suited for the quantitative characterization of optical-powder properties. For the first time, quantum yields related to photoluminescence emissions that originate from the photoexcitation of MgO nanocube corners and edges are measured. In addition, the surfaces of these nanoparticles are doped with submonolayer barium, which oxidizes during adsorption onto the MgO nanocrystal surfaces and transforms in O2 atmosphere into BaO. UV-Vis diffuse reflectance and photoluminescence spectroscopy is employed to explore whether 10−3 monolayer equivalents of these dopants affect the MgO specific optical properties. Surface-admixed BaO produces additional absorption and photoluminescence emission features but does not significantly affect those specific to MgO nanocubes. On this basis the number of optically active sites that can be sampled inside a powder of alkaline earth oxide nanoparticles using a standard spectrometer system is estimated.

* nanoparticles; * optical materials; * powders; * quantum yields; * surface doping

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