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H. Tran, U. Zdun, S. Dustdar:
"VbTrace: using view-based and model-driven development to support traceability in process-driven SOAs";
Journal of Software and Systems Modeling (online-edition), Online First (2009), 25 pages.

English abstract:
In process-driven, service-oriented architectures,
there are a number of important factors that hinder the traceability
between design and implementation artifacts. First of
all, there are no explicit links between process design and
implementation languages not only due to the differences of
syntax and semantics but also the differences of granularity.
The second factor is the complexity caused by tangled
process concerns that multiplies the difficulty of analyzing
and understanding the trace dependencies. Finally, there is
a lack of adequate tool support for establishing and maintaining
the trace dependencies between process designs and
implementations. We present in this article a view-based,
model-driven traceability approach that tackles these challenges.
Our approach supports (semi-)automatically eliciting
and (semi-)formalizing trace dependencies among process
development artifacts at different levels of granularity and
abstraction. A proof-of-concept tool support has been realized,
and its functionality is illustrated via an industrial case

Software traceability View-based Model-driven Process-driven SOA Tool support

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