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U. Zdun:
"A DSL toolkit for deferring architectural decisions in DSL-based software design";
Information and Software Technology, Volume 52 (2010), Issue 7; 733 - 748.

English abstract:
A number of mature toolkits and language workbenches for DSL-based design have been proposed, making
DSL-based design attractive for many projects. These toolkits preselect many architectural decision
options. However, in many cases it would be beneficial for DSL-based design to decide for the DSLīs architecture
later on in a DSL project, once the requirements and the domain have been sufficiently understood.
We propose a language and a number of DSLs for DSL-based design and development that
combine important benefits of different DSL toolkits in a unique way. Our approach specifically targets
at deferring architectural decisions in DSL-based design. As a consequence, the architect can choose, even
late in a DSL project, for options such as whether to provide the DSL as one or more external or embedded
DSLs and whether to use an explicit language model or not .

Software Architecture Software Design Domain-specific language (DSL) Architectural Decisions

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Project Head Schahram Dustdar:
Compliance-driven Models, Languages, and Architectures for Services

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