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R. Khazankin, S. Dustdar:
"On Adaptive Integration of Web Data Sources into Applications";
Talk: International Workshop "Innovation Information Technologies: Theory and Practice 2010", Dresden, Germany (invited); 2010-09-06 - 2010-09-10; in: "Proceedings of the International Workshop "Innovation Information Technologies: Theory and Practice 2010"", U. Konrad, L. Iskhakova (ed.); Forschungszentrum Dresden - Rossendorf, (2010), ISBN: 978-3-941405-10-3; 16 - 19.

English abstract:
Software applications often use data from web data
sources, employing different integration techniques.
The choice of a technique is made by an analyst or a
developer traditionally. As non-functional
characteristics of a web source and the business
requirements of the application can change over time,
the technique, that fits the situation best, might also
vary. The manual control of the large number of
integrated sources can be cumbersome as their
characteristics might change independently. This paper
gives an initial idea of (i) how the choice of a technique
can be automated and (ii) how to make the integration
adaptive to the environment.

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