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M. West, A. T. Ellis, P. J. Potts, C. Streli, Christine Vanhoof, D. Wegrzynek, P. Wobrauschek:
"Atomic spectrometry update-X-ray fluorescence spectrometry";
Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 25 (2010), 1503 - 1545.

English abstract:
This comprehensive review covers the latest published activities
using XRF techniques. X-ray analytical equipment continues to
be integrated with X-ray emission/diffraction/absorption
techniques with the growing use of synchrotron radiation (SR)
sources reflected in the literature. This integration trend was also
prevalent in the development of small-scale laboratory
equipment. X-ray detectors have advanced with pixellated
systems, micro-calorimeter types and the now established silicon
drift detectors being readily used by many authors. Matrix
correction and calibration procedures have developed to
accommodate instrumental developments related to micro-beam
and bulk analysis. SR-based micro-techniques for two and three
dimensional imaging were reported in research activities in
applications for clinical, biological, environmental and cultural
heritage studies as well as investigations of extraterrestrial
material. Sample preparation developments continue, especially
for TXRF. The extension of TXRF to measure the angle
dependence fluorescence signal (GI-XRF, XSW) showed
increased interest with several groups applying the technique to
depth profiling and thin layer analysis of nano-particles. More
applications were reported this year for the reversed technique
(GE-XRF) combining micro-beam analysis with surface
sensitivity. Geochemical mapping of the moon is reported after
space flight measurements used the Sun as a radiation source.
The literature reflects increasing quantitative analysis using
portable XRF with a welcomed growth in acceptance by the Food
and Drug authorities and other applied users. This yearīs Update
offers dietary delights for those who enjoy crab meat and an
insight into the eating habits of elephants. Advice for gardeners
contemplating a green roof is reported along with analysis of the
wood treatments used in the manufacture of Stradivari and
Guarneri violins. XRF has also played its part in the development
of self-cleaning fabrics.

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