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H. Ostad Ahmad Ghorabi:
"Parametric Ecodesign - Development of a Framework for the integration of Life Cycle Assessment into Computer Aided Design";
SVH - Südwestdeutscher Verlag für Hochschulschriften, 2010, ISBN: 978-3-8381-1789-8; 199 pages.

English abstract:
Environmental considerations have become a strategic priority for many companies during the past decade, and the development of new products has had to respond to this trend. Although many methods have been developed for this purpose, much of this effort has found barriers. Environmental assessment is done by using LCA software; engineering design is done in Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems. Both worlds have strong relations - especially when Ecodesign is to be implemented - but they are not necessarily connected. This thesis wants to link both worlds. A framework to integrate LCA into CAD software is developed. The thesis focuses on the translation of LCA results into a judgement of how well or poorly the environmental performance of a product is doing in comparison to similar competing products. To provide uniform phrasing of functional units, a parametric description is introduced in the scope of functional icon, in short fuon. Further, visualization and communication of results to the engineering designer are discussed. Additionally, a system-architecture for the implementation of the research fundaments into CAD -systems is given.

Engineering design, CAD, Environmental Evaluation, Functional Unit, Fuon, LCP-family, Crane,

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