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C. Angerer, R. Langwieser, M. Rupp:
"RFID Reader Receivers for Physical Layer Collision Recovery";
IEEE Transactions on Communications, 58 (2010), 12; 3526 - 3537.

English abstract:
Arbitration and scheduling of multiple tags in stateof-
the-art Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems is
accomplished on the medium access control layer. Currently,
only answers of a single tag can be decoded in such a system. If
multiple tags respond simultaneously, a collision occurs. In that
case, conventional systems discard the physical layer information
and a retransmission is executed. This work shows how to recover
from such collisions on the physical layer and successfully read
the data. The contributions of the paper are: 1) An analysis of the
achievable throughput increase of a system, that can recover from
collisions at a physical layer is given. 2) A model for a description
of collisions on the physical layer is presented. 3) Based on this
model, we propose a channel estimation method and two types of
receiver structures for separating the signals of a collision of two
tags: first, single antenna receivers that discriminate the sources
of the two tags in the I/Q plane, and second, multiple antenna
receivers which exploit the different spatial signatures of both
tags. 4) The functionality of the proposed receiver structures is
verified with measurement data of two colliding tags. Eventually,
a performance analysis of the receivers is provided.

RFID, MIMO, collision recovery, multiple antenna, multiple tag, reader, receiver, multi-user RFID, signal separation, collision recovery

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