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E. Mulo, U. Zdun, S. Dustdar, E. Oberortner:
"An Event View Model and DSL for Engineering an Event-Based SOA Monitoring Infrastructure";
Talk: 4th ACM International Conference on Distributed Event-Based Systems (DEBS 2010), Camebridge, United Kingdom; 2010-07-12 - 2010-07-15.

English abstract:
An event-based solution that uses events to convey information
to a monitoring tool is well suited to implementing
a non-intrusive monitoring infrastructure. This enables an
SOA system's stakeholders to observe the system aspects of
interest to them. However, implementation of SOA today,
let alone the monitoring infrastructure, is a complex task
due to the heterogeneous environment consisting of multiple
technologies, platforms and components. We propose
an approach for implementing such an event-based SOA
monitoring infrastructure, that introduces a dedicated event
view model and an eventing domain-speci c language in a
model-driven framework. The event view model captures
SOA artifacts and links them with the event domain, while
the eventing domain-speci c language enables a system developer
to specify instances of the event view model. With
our model-driven approach, most of the runtime monitoring
infrastructure is generated. These two ingredients (view
model and domain-speci c language) focus implementation
e orts on the concern of eventing, thereby helping to manage
complexity. We apply and evaluate our approach in the
context of a case study.

Event-based, service-oriented architecture, monitoring, domain-speci c language, model-driven software development

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Project Head Schahram Dustdar:
Compliance-driven Models, Languages, and Architectures for Services

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