N. Dörr, I. Gebeshuber, D. Holzer, H. D. Wanzenböck, A. Ecker, A. Pauschitz, F. Franek:
"Evaluation of Ionic Liquids as Lubricants";
Journal of Microengineering and Nanoelectronics, 1 (2010), 1; S. 29 - 34.

Kurzfassung englisch:
15 pure ionic liquids of varying chemical structures were evaluated as lubricants for steel-steel contact. Friction and wear behaviour of the ionic liquids were investigated by an oscillating tribometer with ball-on-disk geometry at 30, 100 and 170 °C. The results have been compared with four reference lubricants and have been found to be partly superior for ionic liquids. Thermal stability and corrosiveness to copper were tested in long-term tests under static conditions at 100 and then at 150°C. Most ionic liquids were characterised by acceptable to excellent thermal stability at 100°C. At 150°C, a few ionic liquids fulfilled requirements of negligible degradation resulting in low evaporation rates and constant physico-chemical properties. Some copper specimens have suffered from severe attack whereas several ionic liquids showed no corrosive behaviour. Varying chemical composition was expressed in significant differences in physico-chemical, tribological and long-term behaviour of the investigated ionic liquids.

ionic liquids, tribological behaviour, artificial ageing, corrosion, AFM

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