K. Prettner, A. Fürnkranz-Prskawetz:
"Demographic Change in Models of Endogenous Economic Growth. A Survey.";
Central European Journal of Operations Research, 18 (2010), 4; S. 593 - 608.

Kurzfassung englisch:
While in exogenous growth models demographic variables are linked to
economic prosperity mainly via the population size, the structure of theworkforce, and
the capital intensity of workers, endogenous growth models and their successors also
allow for interrelationships between demographic variables and technological change.
However, most of the existing literature considers only the interrelationships based
on population size and its growth rate and does not explicitly account for population
aging. The aim of this paper is (a) to review the role of population size and population
growth in the most commonly used endogenous economic growth models, (b) discuss
models that also allow for population aging, and (c) sketch out the policy implications
of the most commonly used endogenous growth models and compare them to each

Demographic change ∑ Technological change ∑ Economic growth

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