H. Psaier, S. Dustdar:
"A survey on self-healing systems: approaches and systems";
Computing (eingeladen), Online First (2010), 05.08.2010; 31 S.

Kurzfassung englisch:
Present large-scale information technology environments are complex,
heterogeneous compositions often affected by unpredictable behavior and poor manageability.
This fostered substantial research on designs and techniques that enhance
these systems with an autonomous behavior. In this survey, we focus on the selfhealing
branch of the research and give an overviewof the current existing approaches.
The survey is introduced by an outline of the origins of self-healing. Based on the
principles of autonomic computing and self-adapting system research, we identify selfhealing
systems´ fundamental principles. The extracted principles support our analysis
of the collected approaches. In a final discussion, we summarize the approaches´
common and individual characteristics. A comprehensive tabular overview of the
researched material concludes the survey.

Autonomous behaving systems · Autonomic computing · Self-adaptive systems · Self-* properties · Self-healing principles · Self-healing approaches · Survey

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