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M. Ilcik, S. Fiedler, W. Purgathofer, M. Wimmer:
"Procedural Skeletons: Kinematic Extensions to CGA-Shape Grammars";
Talk: Spring Conference on Computer Graphics, Bratislava; 2010-05-13 - 2010-05-15; in: "Proceedings of the Spring Conference on Computer Graphics 2010", (2010), 177 - 184.

English abstract:
Procedural modeling for architectural scenes was as yet limited to static objects only. We introduce a novel extension layer for shape grammars which creates a skeletal system for posing and interactive manipulation of generated models. Various models can be derived with the same set of parametrized rules for geometric operations. Separation of geometry generation and pose synthesis improves design efficiency and reusability. Moreover, by formal analysis of production rules we show how to efficiently update complex kinematic hierarchies created by the skeletons, allowing state-of-the-art interactive visual rule editing.

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