Publications in Scientific Journals:

W.S.M. Werner, J. Zemek, P. Jiricek:
"Distinguishing elastic and inelastic scattering effects in reflection electron energy loss spectroscopy";
Physical Review B, 82 (2010), 1554221 - 1554226.

English abstract:
Reflection electron energy loss spectra 􏰌REELS􏰄 have been measured for 500 eV electrons backreflected from a polycrystalline Au surface for a few special experimental configurations where the scattering angle was changed without changing the incidence and emission angle. Since effects of inelastic scattering are indepen- dent of the scattering angle, but depend on the incidence and emission angle only, this allows one to distinguish the effects of elastic and inelastic scattering in the raw experimental data. For identical incidence and emission angles, the spectra recorded at different scattering angles are found to be significantly different. This finding provides direct experimental proof for the influence of elastic scattering on the shape of electron energy loss spectra. In other words, the energy and emission direction of backscattered electrons are correlated even in the absence of diffraction effects and in spite of the fact that changes in the electron energy and direction of motion in individual collisions are uncorrelated. The impact of this finding for analysis of REELS spectra is discussed.

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