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C. Blum, J. Puchinger, G. Raidl, A. Roli:
"A brief survey on hybrid metaheuristics";
in: "Proceedings of BIOMA 2010 - 4th International Conference on Bioinspired Optimization Methods and their Applications", Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2010, ISBN: 978-961-264-017-0, 3 - 16.

English abstract:
The combination of components from different algorithms is currently
one of the most successful trends in optimization. The hybridization of
metaheuristics such as ant colony optimization, evolutionary algorithms,
and variable neighborhood search with techniques from operations research
and artificial intelligence plays hereby an important role. The
resulting hybrid algorithms are generally labelled hybrid metaheuristics.
The rising of this new research field was due to the fact that the
focus of research in optimization has shifted from an algorithm-oriented
point of view to a problem-oriented point of view. In this brief survey
on hybrid metaheuristics we provide an overview on some of the most
interesting and representative developments.

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