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M. Strommer, C. Pichler, P. Liegl:
"A Document Management Framework based on Core Components";
Hauptvortrag: 12th IEEE Conference on Commerce and Enterprise Computing, Shanghai; 10.11.2010 - 12.11.2010; in: "Proceedings of the 12th IEEE Conference on Commerce and Enterprise Computing", (2010), S. 72 - 79.

Kurzfassung englisch:
The seamless and automatic exchange of electronic documents is one of the most important aims in today's businesses. At the same time the need for a consistent framework for the management of electronic business documents, together with tool support rises. Tools, that foster the management of document models in a way to overcome interoperability issues, if such emerge. Because of various document formats interoperability is rarely achieved across the involved IT systems. Also, such MDA related tools are currently rare in the domain of business document engineering. We therefore implemented a document model management framework, based on core components. This framework is built on an open source basis and may cope with interoperability problems providing transformation and schema generation components. The practical application of these features has been evaluated in a case study comprising two business document standards. The results of this case study underpin the relevance of the developed methods and show further directions for implementation.

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