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D. Patel, St. Bruckner, I. Viola, E. Gröller:
"Seismic Volume Visualization for Horizon Extraction";
Talk: IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium, Taipei, Taiwan; 2010-03-02 - 2010-03-05; in: "Proceedings of the IEEE Pacific Visualization 2010", (2010), 73 - 80.

English abstract:
Seismic horizons indicate change in rock properties and are central in geoscience interpretation. Traditional interpretation systems involve time consuming and repetitive manual volumetric seeding for horizon growing. We present a novel system for rapidly interpreting and visualizing seismic volumetric data. First we extract horizon surface-parts by preprocessing the seismic data. Then during interaction the user can assemble in realtime the horizon parts into horizons. Traditional interpretation systems use gradient-based illumination models in the rendering of the seismic volume and polygon rendering of horizon surfaces. We employ realtime gradientfree forward-scattering in the rendering of seismic volumes yielding results similar to high-quality global illumination. We use an implicit surface representation of horizons allowing for a seamless integration of horizon rendering and volume rendering. We present a collection of novel techniques constituting an interpretation and visualization system highly tailored to seismic data interpretation.

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