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P. Sikachev et al.:
"Dynamic Focus+Context for Volume Rendering";
Talk: Vision Modeling and Visualization, Siegen, Germany; 2010-11-15 - 2010-11-17; in: "Proceedings of Vision, Modeling and Visualization 2010", (2010), 331 - 338.

English abstract:
Interactive visualization is widely used in many applications for efficient representation of complex data. Many techniques make use of the focus+context approach in a static manner. These techniques do not fully make use of the interaction semantics. In this paper we present a dynamic focus+context approach that highlights salient features during user interaction. We explore rotation, panning, and zooming interaction semantics and propose several methods of changing visual representations, based on a suggested engagement-estimation method. We use DVR-MIP interpolation and a radial opacity-change approach, exploring rotation, panning, and zooming semantics. Our approach adds short animations during user interaction that help to explore the data efficiently and aid the user in the detection of unknown features.

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