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C. Poletti, G. Requena, D. Tolnai, P. Cloetens, A. Steiger-Thirsfeld:
"Characterization of the microstructure and damage mechanisms in a Ti6Al4V alloy modified with 1 wt.% B";
Journal of Materials Research, 101 (2010), 1151 - 1157.

English abstract:
Powder metallurgy produced Ti-6Al-4V-1B-0.1C is a modification of the Ti-6Al-4V commercial titanium alloy. TiB whiskers precipitate in the Ti64 matrix during the solidification of the powders before consolidation. The whiskers present two size classes due to the solidification rate and satelliting effect. Scanning electron and light optical microscopy were used to characterize the morphology, distribution and damage of TiB before and after hot deformation. These results were compared with those obtained by parallel beam and magnified synchrotron holotomography, and by focused ion beam tomography. The damage produced during hot deformation was provoked by debonding and cracks at the larger TiB particles. Simulations of the compression tests using finite element analysis were carried out to identify strain and stress localizations.

3D microstructure; FIB-SEM tomography; Synchrotron tomography; TiB; Titanium matrix composite

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