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St. Bruckner, T. Möller:
"Result-Driven Exploration of Simulation Parameter Spaces for Visual Effects Design";
Talk: IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA; 2010-10-24 - 2010-10-29.

English abstract:
Graphics artists commonly employ physically-based simulation for the generation of effects such as smoke, explosions, and similar phenomena. The task of finding the correct parameters for a desired result, however, is difficult and time-consuming as current tools provide little to no guidance. In this paper, we present a new approach for the visual exploration of such parameter spaces. Given a three-dimensional scene description, we utilize sampling and spatio-temporal clustering techniques to generate a concise overview of the achievable variations and their temporal evolution. Our visualization system then allows the user to explore the simulation space in a goal-oriented manner. Animation sequences with a set of desired characteristics can be composed using a novel search-by-example approach and interactive direct volume rendering is employed to provide instant visual feedback. A user study was performed to evaluate the applicability of our system in production use.

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