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J. Eder, N. Kerschbaumer, J. Koepke, H. Pichler, A. Tahamtan:
"Federated Choreographies for Interorganizational Workflows";
in: "II Krajowa Konferencja Naukowa Technologie Przetwarzania Danych", herausgegeben von: Politechnika Poznańska, Instytut Informatyki; Politechnika Poznańska, Instytut Informatyki, Polen, 2010.

Kurzfassung englisch:
We propose a new architecture for modeling and enactment
of interorganizational business processes. We capture control
flow and data flow aspects of web service orchestrations and choreographies and provide a view mechanism to balance the problem of openness, privacy and coupling in cross-organization interactions. The view concept cares both for process abstraction and for data transformation between business partners. The layered choreographies allows to model the different spheres of knowledge sharing between different subsets. The enactment of business process is fully distributed without any central coordinator.

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