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A. Tahamtan, J. Eder:
"Privacy Preservation Through Process Views";
Talk: The 24nd IEEE International Conference on. Advanced Information Networking and Applications, Perth, Australia; 2010-04-20 - 2010-04-23; in: "Advanced Information Networking and Applications", IEEE Computer Society, (2010), ISBN: 978-0-7695-3638-5; 1100 - 1107.

English abstract:
Privacy and security are major concerns for partners in B2B and B2C applications. Service providers want on the one hand isolate their private process in order to protect their business logic and improve their privacy and on the other hand they have to expose (at least some parts of) their private process to other partners in order to enable communication, interaction and data exchange. Process Views are powerful mechanisms which serve several purposes: improvement of privacy and security, process abstraction, separation of public and private parts of business processes, interface definition for interorganizational workflows, loosening the coupling between process components, etc. Following an extensive survey of approaches for process views, we present a correctness criterion for views and a novel technique for the construction of process views which can be used for improvement of privacy and security. The formal definition
of the view construction operators allows to prove that all views
constructed with these operators are correct. In addition, by
application of workflow views, changes in a private process can
be kept local such that the interaction with other partners are
not affected.

Process Views, Aggregation, Abstraction, Correctness, Privacy

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