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G. Fitzpatrick, M. Balaam, L. Axelrod, E. Harris, G. McAllister, A. Hughes, J. Burridge, T. Nind, I. Ricketts, A. Wilkinson, S. Mawson, S. Rennick Egglestone, T. Rodden, P. Probert-Smith, N. Shublaq, Z. Robertson:
"Designing for Rehabilitation at Home";
Talk: ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems - CHI, Atlanta, USA; 2010-04-11; in: "Proc Workshop on Interactive Systems in Healthcare", (2010), ISBN: 9780982628485; 3 pages.

English abstract:
New technologies open up possibilities for designing
interactive experiences that can engage and motivate
post-stroke survivors to undertake what would
otherwise be boring repetitive movements. In this
paper we outline a few of the challenges we met as part
of the cross-disciplinary Motivating Mobility project.
These are: the extended `userī; autonomy and
motivation; and early prototype studies.

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