D. Wiegand, K. Drda-Kühn:
"From culture to cultural economic power: Rural regional development in small German communities";
Creative Industries Journal (eingeladen), Volume 3 Number 1 (2010), 1; S. 89 - 96.

Kurzfassung englisch:
This article reports on a study conducted by the Association Culture and Work (Bad Mergentheim) and the Vienna University of Technology. This study surveyed the conditions under which cultural economic effects can be generated, as much as possible by local actors in small towns in rural areas. The main finding shows, that networks such as continuous learning systems, are central success factors in these processes. At present, there are only a few successfully working networks in Germany with a cultural economic focus that could possibly serve as a role model for small towns nationwide. Local actors from culture, business and local administration have rarely developed institutionalized ways of cooperation in order to generate income and economic benefit for all parties. Motivating local actors via networks to join cooperation with an economic focus offers enormous economic potential, which has not yet been sufficiently explored.

culture tourism in rural areas, cultural economy, regional development, creative networks, network development, cultural entrepreneurship

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