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R. Pamminger, E. Sehnal, W. Wimmer:
"Energy efficiency labelling and criteria development for communicating energy efficiency of plastic processing machines";
in: "Plastics and the Environment", F. Gardiner, E. Garmson (ed.); issued by: F. Gardiner, E. Garmson; Smithers Rapra, Shawbury, Shewsbury, Shropshire, 2010, (invited), ISBN: 978-1-84735-556-0, 39 - 57.

English abstract:
The paper describes the results of a research project called "Development of criteria for the communication of the energy efficiency of plastic processing machines" finished in October 2009. This paper will show a procedure on how to develop an energy efficiency label and the application of the procedure in terms of an energy efficiency label for plastic extrusion machines.

The aim of this energy efficiency label is to communicate and eventually reduce the energy consumption of plastic processing machines. An energy efficient label shall allow an objective comparison of energy consumption of different manufacturers. This leads to more thoroughly investigated and reliable decisions with the main focus on the energy demand and therefore also on the energy costs at the use phase. Using this communication tool will strengthen the demand for energy-efficient machines and reduce the global energy consumption.

An objective comparison of the energy consumption is only possible if the energy measurements follow a defined standard. In order to develop a energy measurement standard, measurement on reference machines have been performed. For comparing the energy efficiency of plastics processing machines energy efficiency criteria and energy classes have been derived.

The communication instrument shall serve as purchasing criteria for clients as well as incentives for manufacturers to develop energy efficient machines. In the developed energy efficiency label, for the product category "profile extrusion", detail data of the energy measurements and an energy efficiency index (EEI) are communicated.

Since the energy efficiency label should also motivate manufacturers to develop energy efficient machines, a list of possible improvement measures has been developed to support activities in energy efficiency. Awareness and demand for energy efficient machines shall result in a competitive advantage for European manufacturers.

Currently, there is an urgent need for this type of communication instrument since the machines are hardly comparable. The intended development of the measuring standard shall allow the classification of machines and shall be implemented on an European level.

Energy efficieny, Energieeffizienz, Labelling, Kunststoffverarbeitende Maschinen

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