Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry):

R. Pamminger, W. Wimmer, H. Adamek:
"Integration of environmental aspects into the product development process of Light Rail Vehicles";
Talk: SETAC Europe Annual Meeting 2010, Seville; 2010-05-23 - 2010-05-27; in: "Abstract book SETAC Europe Annual Meeting 2010 Seville", SETAC Europe, (2010).

English abstract:
The goal of this abstract is to show the developed design for environment process (DfE-Process) and to present the results of the life cycle assessment (LCA) of the light rail vehicle (LRV) Valencia.

The results shown at the SETAC Europe 20th annual meeting are the DfE-Process, the results of the LCA and the ideas to improve the environemntal impacts, the recycling rates and the maintenance of the light rain vehicle Valencia. The LCA includes the definition of the system boundary, the functional unit, the material declaration and the environmental impacts of the light rail vehicle considering the whole life cycle (e.g. xx kg CO2 eq. caused by the use phase).

Ecodesign, LCA, Ökobilanz, Schienenfahrzeuge

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