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A. Manzoor, H. Truong, C. Dorn, S. Dustdar:
"Service-Centric Inference and Utilization of Confidence on Context";
Talk: 2010 IEEE Asia-Pacific Services Computing Conference (APSCC 2010), Hangzhou, China; 2010-12-06 - 2010-12-10; in: "Proceedings of the 2010 IEEE Asia-Pacific Services Computing Conference (APSCC 2010)", IEEE Computer Society, P4305 (2010), ISBN: 978-0-7695-4305-5; 11 - 18.

English abstract:
The inadequate quality of context forces the context
consumers in pervasive environments to reason about the
quality and relevance of context to be confident of its worth to
perform their functionality. The additional task of analyzing
large volumes of context drastically affects the performance
of the context consumers to adjust to dynamically changing
situations. A single value that presents the quality and relevance
of context information tailored to the needs of a particular
context consumer may release them from spending resources
on context quality analysis and let them concentrate on their
main task. In this paper we present a novel technique to
combine different Quality of Context (QoC) metrics to infer the
value of confidence on context. Our technique also considers
the requirements of a particular context consumer regarding
QoC metrics while confidence inference. Confidence on context
is further provided to the context consumers to select high
quality context and use the confidence in their functionality.
We have successfully evaluated our approach using two context
consumer services and user context collected from a smart
home pervasive environment.

context confidence; quality of context metrics; smart homes;

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