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M. Maurer, I. Brandic, R. Sakellariou:
"Simulating Autonomic SLA Enactment in Clouds Using Case Based Reasoning";
Talk: ServiceWave 2010 3rd European Conference, Ghent, Belgium; 2010-12-13 - 2010-12-15; in: "Towards a Service-Based Internet Proceedings of the Service Wave 2010 3rd European Conference", E. Di Nitto, R. Yahyapour (ed.); Springer, LNCS 6481 (2010), ISBN: 978-3-642-17693-7; 25 - 36.

English abstract:
With the emergence of Cloud Computing resources of physical
machines have to be allocated to virtual machines (VMs) in an ondemand
way. However, the efficient allocation of resources like memory,
storage or bandwidth to a VM is not a trivial task. On the one hand,
the Service Level Agreement (SLA) that defines QoS goals for arbitrary
parameters between the Cloud provider and the customer should not
be violated. On the other hand, the Cloud providers aim to maximize
their profit, where optimizing resource usage is an important part. In
this paper we develop a simulation engine that mimics the control cycle
of an autonomic manager to evaluate different knowledge management
techniques (KM) feasible for efficient resource management and SLA
attainment. We especially focus on the use of Case Based Reasoning
(CBR) for KM and decision-making. We discuss its suitability for efficiently
governing on-demand resource allocation in Cloud infrastructures
by evaluating it with the simulation engine.

Cloud Computing, Autonomic Computing, Service Level Agreement, Case Based Reasoning, Knowledge Management, Resource Management.

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Project Head Ivona Brandic:
Foundations of Self-governing ICT Infrastructures

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